For a Successful Digital transformation without changing your DNA 

Strategy - Efficiency - Disruptive Innovation - Digital Operations

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Digital is a great opportunity for your company but it's even more powerfull if all team members participate

- Convince, animate and federate within the company on digital channel

- Build a Digital Mind in the Company

- Help to adapt your organization

- Train people and help them to adapt themselves to Digital

- Design, Develop a omnicanal marketing strategy and a cross channel system on all supports : Mobile to Store, Web to Store

Drive to Store, 

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A Digital Strategy is much more than a website or a mobile apps...

Digital forces you to reinvent your business model without change everything...

- Integrate all departments from HR and Supply to...Marketing and IT

- Develop & facilitate the ubiquitous marketing

- A customer-focused environment with rich content

Adapt your CRM : many softwares or devices but one same customer

- Increase customer satisfaction and profitability

- Innovate with a customer's view

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In E-Commerce, would not the most important word be "Commerce" ?

Turn people not only as shoppers but into buyers

Define, build & run a multi-channel & on line e-business strategy, B2B, B2B2C, B2C.

Business Sector :

  • Delicatessen
  • Retail Food, FMCG
  • Household electrical appliances
  • Spare parts or mechanical parts
  • DIY
  • Fashion or Ready to wear clothing
  • Branded lifestyle apparel 
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E-Business must include all process even if some of them seem not relevant like logistics or last mile

E-Businness obliges you to think of a logistics different from your current one :

- Deliver directly a customer at his home for just one parcel or for only a SKU

- Optimize costs, services and rates
- Internalize or choose one or several partners
- The delivery Man, a formed ambassador
- Integrate a delivery process into your CRM and not only as a software